Green Cuba

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7 Nights/8 Days

When it comes to its land, Cuba is a country of organic techniques and cooperative farms. The country’s environmental laws reflect its commitment to the island’s natural resources.  Starting in Cienfuegos, we'll travel to Trinidad where we'll explore the Escambray Mountains and have time to take in the town's local nightlife.  Moving on to Havana we'll visit local organic farms and and drive west to Las Terrazas, Pinar del Rio, and Vinales, where you'll meet with local business owners, community members, and farmers and learn about agrarian reform, conservation, and how successful Cuba has been on these fronts and what may be at stake as the island nation braces itself for an influx of tourism. (Photo by Cynthia Carris Alonso)

Program Highlights

  • Beginning in Cienfuegos, we'll have time to tour the city by bici-taxi before heading to Trinidad where we'll explore the Escambray Mountains.
  • A walking tour of Trinidad puts you up close and personal with local shopkeepers and artists and we'll visit the Valley of the Sugar Mills.
  • In Old Havana you'll take a walking tour of its famous plazas where you'll meet with local shopkeepers
  • An urban agriculture tour with visits to Old Havana and Central Havana organic farms, community gardens, local farmsteads, and farmer's markets
  • Guided visit to Havana's National Botanic Garden
  • Meet with workers at the National Institute for Basic Research in Tropical Agriculture
  • Visit an organic farm and apiary
  • Tour the eco-community of Las Terrazas, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, where research is focused on ecology and the environment
  • Explore the Biosphere for a hike, swim, or zip line
  • Tour the largest collection of orchids on the planet at the Soroa Orchid Museum
  • Meet with researchers of Las Terrazas and learn about their work, and with residents and shopkeepers to learn the advantages and disadvantages of tourism
  • In Pinar del Rio, Cuba's tobacco domain, meet with farmers and learn about tobacco production and its' importance in the local economy
  • Visit with workers at El Moncada farming cooperative and learn how state-run farms operate
  • Hike the Vinales valley and meet with small independent tobacco and coffee farmers
  • At a visit and lunch with the artist Jose Fuster in the town of Jaimanitas where you'll learn about and explore his community revitalization projects 
  • Discuss the provincial and municipal role in grass roots organizing to produce urban agriculture with workers at the Tienda Consulturio del Agricultor and the National Urban Agriculture group
  • Meet with an architect of the Master Plan for a tour at Reparto Camilo Cienfuegos on the different types of architecture in planned developments
  • Visit Organoponico, an organic farm in Alamar known for its high quality food 

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