CCS Small Group Journeys

Unconventional travel to Cuba is our trademark. And we’ve being doing it since1973. Our group tours range in size from 3 to 15 people and each one is different from the one before and the one that comes after—giving you a unique experience. We bring you inside Cuban homes, in intimate circumstances, where you can talk, argue, debate, laugh, dance or sing together.     cuba-political-map-v2.jpg

Cuba is not an “observer” society. It is still, to a large degree, a “participant” society, a face-to-face culture, where people like being in your face and sharing opinions on every-thing from the economy to baseball.

Currently we are offering week-long and weekend trips to Havana and Pinar del Rio. We will also be offering the same in Santiago de Cuba and surrounding areas as soon as commercial flights are re-established.

We also design custom trips for our clients, offering flexibility in departure dates, length of stay and the types of activities included. Our custom trips have included themes such as:  076-apple-old-car-v3.jpg

African Roots of Cuban Culture 
Art  & Architecture
Charting the Revolution: A Historical Expedition
Cuba In Transition
Cuba Update
Exploring Gender Issues
Greening of Cuba
Shooting the Revolution: A Photographic Journey     
The Jews in Cuba
Visual and Performing Arts

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