Visual Arts in Cuba

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Unchanged over time, Havana’s architecture has been called its golden egg.  With its Belle Époque mansions, Spanish Colonial palaces, 1950s modern homes, scattered 1960s Soviet apartment buildings, and beach villas it’s no wonder visitors are captivated. This tour leads you on an intimate journey, taking you into the homes of artists and architects, into galleries and museums, and through the streets of Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

Program Highlights

  • Architectural walking tour of Old Havana's famous plazas, vintage poster shops, art galleries, and small markets
  • Experience local nightlife through Havana's jazz and dance music
  • Meet with historic photographer Roberto Salas
  • Visit the home of the artist Kcho in Romerillo and explore the community project he created
  • Tour the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), the graduate art school known for its architecture 
  • Visit the studio of mixed media photographer Ernesto Javier, one of the Cuba's hottest artists
  • In Pinar del Rio visit the organic farm of Fernando Funes, a well-known agronomist
  • Visit a tobacco farm in Cuba's rich farming region of Vinales
  • A guided exploration through the Museum of Fine Arts, one of the largest collections of visual arts in Cuba
  • A visit and lunch with the visionary artist Jose Fuster in the town of Jaimanitas where you'll explore his unique and colorful landscape
  • Travel to Sante Fe for a visit with artists Sandra Dooley and Guillermo Estrada-Viera
  • Travel to Cienfuegos, Cuba's "pearl of the south," and meet with local artists and gallery owners and enjoy the entertainment of local musicians
  • In the historic village of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, explore the town's cobblestone streets, street fairs, and colonial architecture

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