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image.pngThe Center for Cuban Studies has been creating and leading journeys to Cuba since 1973. With our expertise and rich knowledge of the country, we are first and best when it comes to putting you in touch with local culture.

With our long-established local ties, a CCS journey takes you deep inside the social welfare system, the cultural life of Cuba, and the economics and politics of a changing Cuba. Our emphasis is on your learning about Cuba by talking with people in all walks of life, while discovering aspects of the society in depth. This means you have more access to more people, both institutionally and personally, than if you travel with anyone else. 

Our tours are unique because we’ve been doing this longer than any other organization. Working with Cuba for over 40 years, we’ve seen enormous changes and we know the people who helped bring about those changes, as well as the people who fought against them. We know those who’ve benefited or suffered from those changes too—and we’ll help you meet many of them. 

We consult on trips of every kind, working in partnership with a licensed operator to pro- vide air travel and on the ground local guides. Our journeys take you deep inside Cuba’s social welfare system, the cultural life of Cuba, and the economics and politics of a rapidly changing society.

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published in the March 18 New York Times
“No one can predict what will happen to Cuba in the coming years,
which is why you must rush there now. As in, right now.”

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