The Mimi

miminfg4.jpgA message from Jesus Noguera, our CCS man in Havana. He’s in the photograph with his daughter Elena and the Mimi:

Welcome back! Cuba hopes to reopen its borders, beaches, and B&Bs before year’s end. Those of us working to make your visits to Cuba special couldn’t be more excited.

The Mimi allows us to plan individualized trips, in advance, without the usual transportation hassles and costs. Even better, in The Mimi we can stop to visit friends, eat in a special place, catch some music, and take advantage of what’s happening right now.

The CCS is providing this car in the memory of one of our favorite travelers, Mimi Dorfman, dearest sister of Sandra Levinson, CCS Executive Director. The car rolled off the assembly line the same year that Mimi graduated from the University of Minnesota, 1948, and its name “The Mimi” is in tribute to her. 

Mimi was last in Cuba with family and friends to celebrate her 90thbirthday in 2016 with a two-week cross-country tour including The Rolling Stones concert in Havana and President Obama’s visit. Sadly, Mimi died at home on April 3 at 95 - still living on her own, healthy and happy - whizzing around Minneapolis in her own car until the pandemic. Her life was truly blessed, she loved and respected the Cuban people, and she leaves behind so many friends all over the island. 

The Mimi is a 1948 Dodge Custom, full-size, four-door sedan, holding seven passengers. The first Cuban owner sold it in the early 60’s, the buyers garaged it for 20 years, after which it was bought by a priest in Camaguey. In 2014, the original engine was replaced for international tourism standards and air conditioning added. Many of the original parts, including the interior trim, seats, and chrome exterior beading around the windows, are intact. She is in great condition, a real vintage beauty. Do you want to go for a spin? 

But - we need your help to make this a reality. Buying a car in Cuba is extraordinarily expensive. We’ve raised some of the funds, but we need much more before we can say The Mimi is ours! 

So, I am asking you, my friends and fellow travelers, will you please consider contributing to help us own The Mimi? Mimi would have loved riding with us and her spirit will be with us on every trip. 

Every little bit helps!

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