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The times are rapidly changing. Now is the time to explore the uniqueness of Cuban culture and society, which persists, as does the island’s beauty and people’s warmth. With our unmatched expertise and local knowledge of the island, traveling with the Center of Cuban Studies is the best way to see Cuba up close and personal.

Imagine Cuba. Let us make it real for you.


The Center for Cuban Studies has been creating and leading journeys to Cuba since 1973. With our expertise and rich knowledge of the country, we are first and best when
it comes to putting you in touch with local culture. With our long-established local ties, a CCS journey takes you deep inside the social welfare system, the cultural life of Cuba, and the economics and politics of a changing Cuba. Our emphasis is on your learning about Cuba by talking with people in all walks of life, while discovering aspects of the society in depth.

This means you have more access to more people, both institutionally and personally, than if you travel with anyone else.

Our tours are unique because we’ve been doing this longer than any other organization. Working with Cuba for over 40 years, we’ve seen enormous changes and we know the people who helped bring about those changes, as well as the people who fought against them. We know those who’ve benefited or suffered from those changes too—and we’ll help you meet many of them.

We consult on trips of every kind, working in partnership with a licensed operator to pro- vide air travel and on the ground local guides. Our journeys take you deep inside Cuba’s social welfare system, the cultural life of Cuba, and the economics and politics of a rapidly changing society.


Unconventional travel to Cuba is our trademark. And we’ve being doing it since1973. Our group tours range in size from 10 to 15 people and each one is different from the one before and the one that comes after—giving you a unique experience. We bring you inside Cuban homes, in intimate circumstances, where you can talk, argue, debate, laugh, dance or sing together.

CCS takes you to cities and towns throughout the country. Havana, certainly, but traveling with us means you’ll visit Pinar del Rio or Matanzas, Holguin or Bayamo, Cienfuegos and Trinidad or Camaguey or Santiago de Cuba, too. Knowing Cuba means knowing not only the urban areas but discovering the countryside and small cities and towns and getting to know the people who live there and the cultural life that thrives in these places.

Cuba is not an “observer” society. It is still, to a large degree, a “participant” society, a face-to-face culture, where people like being in your face and sharing opinions on every-thing from the economy to baseball.


• African Roots of Cuban Culture
• Art & Architecture
• Charting the Revolution: A Historical Expedition • Cuba In Transition
• Cuba Update
• Exploring Gender Issues
• Greening of Cuba
• Shooting the Revolution: A Photographic Journey • The Jews in Cuba
• Visual and Performing Arts 

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