Cultivando Sueños


Our new exhibit of Cuban folk and outsider art is a riot of color, and the works are filled with the lives of ordinary people living ordinary work-play lives. The paintings are a window into the soul of Cubans living not in the metropolis but on the land. As they plant and harvest their crops, they are also planting and harvesting their dreams. 

Artist Alejandro Lazo writes of this exhibit:

"Living in remote places, where the light is more alive, beyond the codes and rules of the fine arts, sheltered by the forest and baptized by the morning dew, their paintings are poems filled with color—pure, spontaneous and at the same time, obsessively detailed. Closer to nature and the balance of creation, owners of the value of time and space, rich and fortunate, they paint what they see—their towns, their people, their myths and devotions, varied and eccentric. They see life from the height of an ant or from a hawk’s flight. They change the true color of things and put things where they don’t belong, showing their creative freedom, horizons, landscapes, dreams, and nightmares. 

"Special places, love, and above all, humor."

(translation: David Harvell)

We will be adding new works as works are sold. Please call 917-224-0578 if you have questions about the works beyond the information provided.

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